Adirondack- Loveseat Stationary Chair

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Adirondack- Loveseat Stationary Chair

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Each loveseat chair comes with TWO FREE Footstools! Selected Stain type will apply to both the chair and footstool.

Relax in the sun in The Redwood Patio’s Adirondack. The comfortable incline and high back makes a relaxed feel. Sturdy and strong, this chair will provide comfort to last. Our adirondack chair fits the chair cushion that can be purchased in our showroom for added comfort. Adirondack chairs have a long history of providing comfort. With The Redwood Patio's adirondack chair, your comfort will be assured for seasons to come.

Adirondack- Double Stationary Chair

Our adirondack chairs are built out of solid two by fours and two by sixes. This creates a sturdy and durable chair that customers will be able to rely on.

Our adirondack chairs are built out of solid heart redwood, which, “among common softwoods no other softwood is better rated against freedom from shrinkage, freedom warping, and of course, decay resistance1.” With all these advantages, redwood is clearly the best choice for wooden patio furniture.

Our adirondack chairs come pre-assembled. Customers will not have the hassle of assembly, and will be able to enjoy their planters right away. Because we assemble with rustproof decking screws, not simple staples, our planters will stay assembled.

If you choose, our adirondack chairs are stained and sealed with a high quality product that protects from the elements and adds an attractive finish.