Our Story

The Redwood Patio is family owned and operated to provide you with respectable service. Cal manages the milling and building operations, while his daughter Sabrina manages the business, website and marketing. This father-daughter team has a strong sense of purpose and pride in our furniture. Zaharah (Cal's wife) and daughters Mariesah and Callia both help with sanding, staining, and delivery. We want our customers to feel that sense of pride when owning a piece from The Redwood Patio. All the wood used in The Redwood Patio is wood milled from our property in the Aptos Mountains. This way we are able to keep prices low, and offer an amazing quality wood that you simply cannot buy from the lumber yards.

Don't be surprised if our whole family shows up on a delivery. We love our product and we love seeing it on your patio! We love meeting new people and love working with them to create the patio, garden, or landscape of their dreams. 

Our mission is to ensure:

  • quality redwood furniture that is built to last
  • satisfied customers that are proud to have a product of The Redwood Patio

Many pieces of furniture that we sell have been ideas that our customers have come up with. Our customers have amazing ideas from the potting bench to the redwood chest... some of our best sellers have been customer ideas.

Your next idea could benefit another customer in the future!


The Redwood Patio started when Judy Crawford of Aptos, California, wanted Cal to build her a coffee table from the redwood on her property. Cal had previously sold redwood furniture to stores, but they marked the prices up so high that Cal did not think it was fair to his customers. Sabrina, Cal's oldest daughter, decided that it was their turn to have their own store. They opened their first store (pictured below) in Aptos, California 2009. The store started as a little father-daughter hobby, but quickly became a full time business. Being able to work with customers and their ideas is their favorite part of The Redwood Patio. They have customers that drive hours to The Redwood Patio because there is no other place like it- with the affordability that they offer. 

cal-pierce-and-judy-crawford.jpgPictured Above: Judy Crawford and Cal Pierce.