Salad Table

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Salad Table

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Salad tables pictured are all stained with 1905 Heart Redwood. Available not stained/natural for no extra cost. All salad tables come with black filter fabric as shown. Mesh bottom allows for drainage.

Salad Table

*Adopted from the Maryland Cooperative Extension; Home & Garden Mineo # HG 601

What Can I Grow??

Broccoli family-arugula, kale, mustard greens, radish, cress, broccoli raab, mizuna, kyona, komatsuna

Beet family- spinach, chard, orach, beets

Lettuce family- lettuces, endive, escarole, chicory

(Note: ‘Deer Tongue’, ‘Red Sails’, ‘Bronze Arrow’, ‘Jericho’, and oak leaf types are more heat tolerant)

Parsley family- chervil, parsley, cilantro

Mint family- basil, thyme, anise hyssop

Other crops- leafy amaranth (callaloo), sorrel, purslane, claytonia (miner’s lettuce), corn salad (mache)

Growing Media

Your choice of growing media is very important because your salad greens are dependent on a relatively small volume of growing medium (only 3.5” deep!) Unlike their cousins growing in garden soil, containerized plant roots cannot grow around obstacles or mine the soil far and wide for nutrients and water. Growing medium has three main functions-

1) supply roots with nutrients, air, and water,

2) allow for maximum root growth, and

3) physically support the plant.

Your growing media should have large particles with large pore spaces between the particles. This will make it light and fluffy (well-aerated) encouraging fast seed germination, strong root growth, and good water drainage.

Fill your table or box with 100% soil less growing media (contains peat moss, perlite, and vermiculite), 100% high quality compost, or a combination of the two.

Soil-less growing media will settle quite a bit because of the large pores.

Avoid garden soil because it is too dense and contains weed seeds

How to Plant

Fill your frames with growing media and level it off (don’t pack it).

Make shallow furrows across the length of a section.

Furrows are spaced 4”-5” apart.

Sow seeds 1” apart in the row and then cover very lightly with growing media.

The seeds of most salad greens will germinate in 2-4 days.

It will take longer when growing media temperature is below 50° F or above 80° F.

A floating row cover can be draped over the frames to promote faster plant growth in spring and fall. The cover raises temperature and humidity and protects plants from wind damage.

*Full article can be accessed at:

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