Potting Bench

I call it a potting bench. Some call it a fish skinning station, a craft bench, a building stand- we have heard it all. It all comes down to its versatility, heavy build, quality materials (heart redwood and rust resistant decking screws) that make it a perfect addition to any home or garden. The adaptable nature makes this our most gifted item and well loved by people of all ages. Send us a picture of what you use your “Potting Bench” for and we will feature it on our website!

Garden Planters

Planter Box Price List (not including tax)

  • $40.00        8″x16″    7″ deep
  • $45.00        6″x16″    9″ deep
  • $50.00        6″x24″   9″ deep
  • $55.00        16″x16″   12″ deep
  • $75.00        12″x32″  9″ deep    

          Tell us what you need!

Raised Planter Boxes

  • $55.00         8.5″x20.5″  8.5″ deep
  • $85.00        12”x24”   raised 18” high
  • $89.00        12×24”    raised 24” high
  • $109.00     12”x3’    raised 30” high
  • $129.00     12”x4’  raised 30” high
  • $425.00      3’x5′  12″ deep, raised 30″ high
  • $500.00     3.5’x6′ 12″ deep, raised 30″ high
  • $575.00     4’x8′  12″ deep, raised 30″ high

Our planters are built out of solid two by fours and two by sixes (with the exception of mini boxes). This creates a sturdy and durable planter that customers will be able to rely


Our planters are built out of solid heart redwood, which, “among

common softwoods no other softwood is better rated against freedom

from shrinkage, freedom warping, and of course, decay resistance1.” With

all these advantages, redwood is clearly the best choice for wooden


Our planters come preassembled. Customers will not have the hassle of

assembly, and will be able to enjoy their planters right away. Because we

assemble with rustproof decking screws, not simple staples, our planters

will stay assembled and not crumble under the weight of soil and water.